Becoming Dispensable: A 12-Point Manifesto

January 10, 2011

Posted in Small Business.

  • I have to become dispensable.
  • A linchpin is under pressure to stay in place.
  • If things cannot move forward without me, then I am slowing progress.
  • I trusted my team enough to hire them, invest in them, and put my career in their hands.
  • Leadership and management are not the same thing.
  • Ideas are not widgets, and what works for widgets does not always work for ideas.
  • Being dispensable doesn’t always mean being irrelevant.
  • My bosses don’t always know what I do, but they all expect results.
  • What I do is only a problem if the results are a problem.
  • When my day is consumed by daily operations, I cannot dedicate myself to innovation or strategic thinking.
  • Leadership requires innovation and strategic thinking.
  • I have to become dispensable.