Your Two Cents and the Death of Marketing Communications

November 27, 2010

Posted in Marketing.

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At the end of his recent blog post about catch phrases by my talented colleague and insightful higher ed copywriter, Mike Roe, he poses a question (emphasis mine):

Do you have a tagline? If not, how might people sum up your department, group, association, or college in just a few words?

Do you really want to leave it up to them?

Can you trust the general marketplace to get the facts straight? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding no. Until you state your facts, people will make them up and believe them. Until you empower your customers, they will struggle to advocate for you. Until you join the conversation, you won’t know how to respond.

There are plenty of respectable professionals declaring the death of marketing in this Cluetrain-gone-mad world. If not marketing as a whole, it’s the death of advertising, direct mail, or traditional media.

Mike’s above quote says it all: among the cacophony of messages about you, don’t you want to add your two cents?