Usability Resource Roundup

June 03, 2010

Posted in Web Industry.

Leading up to my two-part Usability Testing 360 webinar series, I bring you a handful of resources, articles, tools, and tips on Usability Testing.

Learn some of the terms, definitions, buzzwords, and otherwise confusing jargon related to usability with this handy usability glossary.

CollegeWebEditor has a great post about why it’s important to invite people into your usability testing process.

The entertaining and brilliant Steve Krug gives away sample testing scripts (PDF), consent forms (PDF), and even chapters of his book. Go check them out and then buy his books.

Steve’s latest book is all about DIY usability testing and it’s exactly what you needed.

Finally, if you haven’t seen my Ultimate Usability Testing Toolkit, that’s a good place to jump into the tools and tactics of DIY usability testing.