Faculty Blogging: Academic Reputation, Rankings, and Scholarship

March 18, 2010

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ND is rolling out Blogs at Notre Dame, a blogging platform using WordPress MU. We’re hoping to get some of our brilliant and interesting faculty members blogging. This raises a lot of questions:

There’s been a lot of talk about blogging for admissions and student recruitment, but should faculty members blog? Will that hurt or help their chances of tenure? Can it help a school’s ranking? Is blogging respectable?

After some spirited and lively discussion, debates, and research, I’ve posted an article on our AgencyND blog about faculty blogging.

I don’t mean for these to be the answers, but I am hoping this post will continue the discussion and shift some perceptions.

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  1. Joe Lackner — March 26, 2010

    We’ve been playing with MU on the backend — interesting side note from what I’ve read is that MU will be rolled into Wordpress 3.