Web Project Bingo

November 24, 2009

Posted in Web Industry.

Every project has its ups and downs. Sometimes it’s pretty predictable. This bingo kit is for any web project manager, designer, developer, writer, freelancer, or anyone else who works on website projects.

Web Project Bingo.jpg


Pick a project, any project. Each team member gets a card (reload to refresh the card). As the project goes on, mark off each box as it applies. The first team member to get five across, up, or in a diagonal wins (or loses, depending on how you look at it).

Sorry, there are no free spaces in Web Project Bingo. The middle is reserved for sites that actually launch.

Get Your Own!

Download Web Project Bingo (PDF) …or download the Excel file to print your own. (To randomize the card again, go to the second worksheet and sort by column A.)