Colleges are Not-for-Profits

March 31, 2009

Posted in Higher Ed.

We often forget that our higher education institutions are not-for-profits. They rely on fundraising and program fees to make ends meet. They succeed and grow based on their reputation. And transparency is critical as donors and participants demand higher performance and accountability.

Not only are the institutions non-profit organizations, but each department acts as one as well. The History department is held to many of these same standards, despite its much smaller role in the larger organization. Human Resources has a more focused, specific mission.

Each department, center, institute, college, and school must learn to use many of the strategies and tactics that work for the non-profit sector. Don’t forget about these.

Here are some of the non-profit blogs and resources I follow:

…and of course, there’s my non-profit blog Non-Profit Chas.


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