Happy Birthday, Twitter

March 22, 2009

Posted in Web Industry.

According to TwitterFacts.com, the first tweets were sent March 21, 2006. Happy Birthday, Twitter!

I went back in time to find my first tweet:

Giving in to the twitter side
8:56 AM Feb 24th, 2007 from web

What (and when) was your first tweet?


  1. oak — March 22, 2009

    Mine was “Signing up for Twitter.” I imagine a lot of people’s first tweet is something along these lines. It might be more interesting to see the first 10 tweets.

    Anyway…I found it by going to tweet1.com which is a site I heard of during Paul Annett’s talk at SxSW.

  2. oak — March 22, 2009

    also…when you check out tweet1.com, drag the browser window to make it really thin horizontally. Trust me.