Who Cares What Your Visitor Wants?

February 16, 2009

Posted in Marketing.

Maybe you’ve heard it before: you should give your visitors what they want.

But what if that’s not in line with your goals? Aren’t you spending all this time and money to achieve your goals?

So the advice should be: you should find a way to make your website mutually beneficial to your visitors and to you.

After all, your marketing is all about who you intend to target – not whoever already happens to be coming to your website.

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  1. Drew — February 18, 2009

    Having similar thoughts when I look at analytics for our university homepage.. "Well it looks like “Link A” is one of the most popular links on the page" ..Well, that’s because it’s on top, and featured. What if it isn’t really relevant to what we WANT site visitors to read/do?"