Committees: the 10 Percent Rule

February 07, 2009

Posted in Higher Ed.

Some morning wisdom from an unlikely source (emphasis mine)…

“You know,” says a [Muzak company] spokesperson, “pollsters have done research of the electorate, and they found that there’s a certain percentage that is just anti-everything. You have a hard core that’s against everything, a vocal 10 percent, and I suspect that we’re hearing from that vocal fringe group many times. If a business person is considering Muzak for an office and is going to be swayed by the 10% that always complains about something, then he’ll have a big problem running his business.W.C. Priuy’s Big Fat Bathroom Companion

I can’t tell you how many projects have been damaged by this reality: it only takes one person on a committee to alter the path of an otherwise healthy project.