Educheckup: Video reviews of higher ed websites

October 31, 2008

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Nick Denardis, a top user on eduStyle and web influencer at Wayne State University, has launched what I consider a really brilliant idea. He’s doing video reviews of higher education websites. He’s basically pulling a couple of sites from the eduStyle feed and spending a few minutes critiquing design, style, code, etc.

He recently did a review of Notre Dame’s Business Operations site. (Watch his review here.)


It’s kind of funny to watch, from a site owner/producer perspective, and hear him point out a lot of the things we’ve already worked through or know we need to focus on next time. Watching reviews of other sites, it’s an educational look at how leading higher ed web designers and developers approach a site.

Watch his review of ND’s Business Operations website

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  1. Nick DeNardis — October 31, 2008

    Great post! This is something I have been thinking of doing for a while but did not have the push to get it up. I think it is necessary to get this information out to higher ed web design/developers/administration. When money is scarce to attend conferences why not bring some usability right to their computers.

    I am open to improving it through community feedback. I am looking for any input/suggestions on the show.

    Thanks again for watching.