Top 9 Rejected Slogans from Bud Light’s "Drinkability" Campaign

October 08, 2008

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Update: As Matt pointed out, InBev is Belgian, and not German. It’s like North and South Dakota to me.

Since InBev acquired Budweiser, I’ve been curious to see how the Germans Belgians would influence our American beer. The other day, I saw the first sign.

Bud Light’s latest ad campaign features a quality they call “drinkability.”

Congratulations! It’s merely drinkable! Hooray!

Top 9 Rejected Slogans from Bud Light’s Latest Campaign

9. Maybe You Should Upgrade to Budweiser

8. Recipe Not Improved!

7. Now with less urine

6. It’s Almost Non-Alcoholic!

5. It’s liquid!

4. Zum wohl! Op uw gezondheid!

3. Now with flavors

2. Only slightly worse than water

And the runner-up to the “Drinkability” slogan was:

1. It’s not poison!

I’m pretty sure their new German Belgian owners think this is an important quality to have—especially when compared to far superior European brews.

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  1. Matt — October 09, 2008

    InBev is Belgian.