You Should Be Committed for Being "Irrationally Committed"

September 25, 2008

Posted in Small Business.

Seth Godin writes about being irrationally committed

Entrepreneurs who are irrationally committed to their business are far more likely to get through the Dip.

Salespeople and service providers and marketers who are irrationally committed to customer service can completely transform an ordinary experience and make it remarkable.

He’s right…sometimes. Sometimes, irrational commitment pays off. Sometimes, buying lottery tickets wins millions. And sometimes, irrational commitment is what’s needed to make real breakthroughs.

But most of the time, irrational commitment results in bankruptcy. It results in losing good clients because you’re irrationally committed to the wrong customers. It’s why people refuse to lower the selling price on their overpriced homes. It’s also why I tend to get lost when I make a wrong turn and feel like my destination is just over the next hill (when it’s actually behind me).
It only works out for you when you’re right.

By the way, this ‘newly-coined’ phrase is just a synonym for the sunk cost fallacy.