Like writing your own obituary...

December 31, 2007

Posted in Personal.

I’m shutting the doors of my company, Birch Lake Studios. I’ve decided, after months of struggling with the idea, to say no to new business. I’m working on a final client project, slated to launch early in 2008. I still have a couple of clients hosting with me, while I provide a minor bit of support and maintenance. I’ve been calling this a hibernation, going dormant, or a sabbatical. But I think the truth is that my heart isn’t in this type of business anymore and my interests are elsewhere.
My co-workers at Notre Dame have heard me go on about this for quite some time now. They also know that my entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t died; it just needs fewer distractions. I’m not officially dissolving the corporation; one day BLS may be reborn as another venture.

As I look back at my stats for 2008 and my neglect of this site, I am saddened that my most popular article (more popular than my homepage since its posting) is the one about tax deductions for pro-bono work. Seriously, why aren’t there better resources for small business owners?
As you can tell from the lack of posts here, the blog took a major hit as I got busy. I’d like to pick things up again, but with more focus on my work with Camp Fire USA, where I was elected to the board of directors. I am leading two new committees focused on marketing and fundraising. I am excited about these challenges and should have good writing material.