During my absence...

July 12, 2007

Posted in Personal.

I’ve been very busy. Here are a few of the things going on:

1. Amber and I bought a house and moved up to Birch Lake in Vandalia, Michigan. It’s a small sport lake where Amber lived as a child. We’re excited about this, as stressful as it’s been. The entire process from first viewing to closing took place in under a month.

2. Camp is in full swing, with the season nearly half over. I spend most of my evenings at Camp, participating in activities and taking photos.

3. I also started taking video and posting to YouTube. We started a channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/camptannadoonah

4. I am now the full owner of Birch Lake Studios, Inc. My business partner moved on to a new full time job and decided to sell his shares in the company. Now that I am 100% owner and have a place on Birch Lake, I’m looking forward to taking clients out in a boat (which I haven’t purchased yet).

5. Notre Dame is very busy. We are deep into several big projects which I’ll surely discuss at a later date. As John says, he can gauge my workload based on how many cartoons I have been making. I think it’s been a few months since I drew one.
I’ll come back to my blog in good time. As you can tell, I’ve had a lot brewing. I have even more coming soon.