Put your money where your mouth is

April 04, 2007

Posted in Small Business.

You’ve probably heard some of these:

  • Put your money where your mouth is
  • Eat your own dogfood
  • Sip your own champagne

Chutzpah, redefined: LifeLock

The CEO put his social security number up there on his front page. In a headline. For a company selling identify theft protection, that’s a powerful statement. It says he believes so strongly in his product – not just in selling the product, but in the product itself – that he’s willing to put himself on the line to prove it. He’s putting himself way out there.

Add to the list of maxims: “Set yourself on fire”

LifeLock’s CEO reminds me of the story of Bill Simpson, former CEO of Nomex. His companied invested a fire retardant suit. To demonstrate its effectiveness and quality, he donned one of the suits himself and lit himself on fire. He was engulfed in flame for 25 seconds before being extinguished. He was completely unharmed. (link)