Showdown 7: Challenges

March 30, 2007

Posted in Small Business.

This is part seven of a series exploring factors in self-employment and traditional employment. For more about this series, read the opening article.


How difficult your work is and your influence over it

Self Boss
Pros Cons Pros Cons
  • You choose your work, so you can choose the challenges you wish to take
  • Self-employment is a challenge itself
  • As with the independence showdown, you have the ability to try new things and push the limits
  • You may not have external factors to keep challenging you
  • It’s easy to go the easy route – keeping motivated to push yourself can be tiring
  • Motivation can come from the outside and have more immediate payoffs
  • If you’re not being challenged by your employer, you may have little recourse other than to change jobs


I consider “challenging” to be a good thing. Entrepreneurs have to be open to new challenges and difficult work – that’s a lot of what self-employment involves. A regular job can also provide challenges, but if your particular situation doesn’t lend itself to that, you will find yourself frustrated and bored. And as any 1st grade teacher can tell you, bored kids are not happy, productive kids.

Winner: Self-Employment


  1. William H. Harle Jr. — March 30, 2007

    Self-employment is sounding better and better. Right now its leading the battle 5-2. Gangsta.

  2. chas — March 30, 2007

    Shhh!! You’ll ruin the amazing impact of my final post – Showdown: The Final Score

    I’d figured it would be closer than this… :)