Showdown 5: Career Potential

March 26, 2007

Posted in Small Business.

This is part five of a series exploring factors in self-employment and traditional employment. For more about this series, read the opening article.

Career Potential

What the future could hold for you in terms of work

Self Boss
Pros Cons Pros Cons
  • Success is great exposure
  • Acquisition can lead to huge career boosts
  • Pave your own way – choose your work
  • Small business ownership provides a wide range of experience
  • Challenge yourself and develop the skills you want
  • Some employers may view self-employment as a euphemism for unemployment
  • Building equity in your business can make it difficult to leave behind
  • Promotions and career development may come faster
  • There’s budget for training
  • Opportunities to learn from a mentor
  • You’re limited to the opportunities within your environment
  • Promotions may rely on seniority, which could slow your ascent
  • Some employers are threatened by ambitious employees


If you want to change what you do or how you work, self-employment gives you the freedom to make those choices. Self-employment also has the wonderful benefit of providing experiences well outside of the normal candidate. That’s a major advantage. Working for someone else gives you access to a lot of resources – people, funds, and experiences – but many of those are available in your own business.

Winner: Self-Employment