Missing SXSW

March 12, 2007

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I really wanted to go to SXSW this year. After hearing from Jim Gosz and Steve Smith how amazing it was last year, I was hoping to find the time for this year’s conference. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the time – too much work, too many prior commitments.

So instead of being there, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the topics and coverage. Some favorites so far:

From readwriteweb: XSW: The Figures Behind The Top Web Apps
“Today there was a similar seminar entitled ”http://2007.sxsw.com/interactive/programming/panels/?action=show&id=IAP060118">"Barenaked App: The Figures Behind the Top Web Apps", which looked at 5 web applications and what it took to build and release those products. This time the focus was very much around the financial costs to build and deploy these web applications (as opposed to elements like lines of code or revenue)."

I love this topic because it helps set expectations. People don’t know what it takes to create and manage a website. I routinely turn away potential customers who start freaking out when they hear pricing.

The next great presentation writeup (it’s only great if it’s a great presentation and a great writeup) comes from Center Networks: Business side of web design

  • step 9 – get addicted to strangers — talk to people you don’t know to help you grow

  • step 23 – never deliver crap

  • step 39 – take vacations

Unfortunately, it sounds like a lot of people aren’t finding much worth writing about. My Technorati searches haven’t revealed many quality topics or writeups. If you find any good ones, send ‘em my way and I’ll link to them.

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  1. Allen — March 13, 2007

    Thanks for the link! I tell ya, with the number of laptops here, it’s amazing that so few people are writing about it.

    I am trying my best to make everyone who could not be here feel like they are here :)

    Hope ya enjoy my coverage and if there is something particular you want, just ping me!