On Being "In the Zone"

January 19, 2007

Posted in Personal.

When I’m at the top of my game, I notice it. Things click, ideas flow, and I feel great. I’m unstoppable.

Today was one of those days. I put in a lot of hours coding. I managed a few project situations that were a bit tough and are turning out nicely. And I was churning out ideas like crazy.

The question in my mind now is “how do I do this all the time?

I think about the conditions that may have contributed to my recent successes. I’ve been reading a lot. I finished up some thought-provoking books and have been really knee-deep in a bunch of new blogs. I’ve been writing more. I’ve been spending more time in Ruby, which always has a nice effect on me. I’ve had some excellent conversations with my co-workers, leading me to think about things in a slightly different way. And I am changing to a slightly different job next week, which is exciting. I have new ideas which present new opportunities, giving me more options.
Overall, I think the biggest factor is my happiness. These are all things I enjoy. They contribute to my job satisfaction, my personal development, and eventually my career. It’s amazing just how much a person’s happiness can affect his or her productivity.