How You Feel Affects How You Will Feel

December 19, 2006

Posted in Personal.

A while back, Matt Klawitter asked me if I ever found that my expectations for the day affected my experiences throughout that day.
The answer, of course, is Yes My Expectations Matter.

This isn’t a new concept. Expectations have everything to do with attitude, and as the cliche poster says, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

What many of us forget as we head into that performance review meeting, big sales presentation, or job interview is that your expectations color your experience. This is bigger than finding a silver lining. It’s the direct outcome.
As a result of this conversation, I’ve discovered that I’m more aware of my attitude and how it affects me. A bad mood makes me feel physically drained or even sick. I feel more stressed. My meetings tend to be less positive.

I think it’s because people have a very strong talent for picking up on subtle clues and sensing someone’s mood – and then reacting to it. But I have also noticed that my awareness means I’m less likely to let it continue. I guess it just feels silly to consciously accept that bad things are going to happen because of my mood.


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