Going Off the Grid

December 04, 2006

Posted in Personal.

From techdirt.com:

On top of that, those who do go on vacation don’t disconnect. 72% say they stayed in contact with the office by email or phone while on vacation — and, once again, many do so in order to avoid having a huge pile of work on their return.

This is a big deal to me. I’ve decided to go off the grid for Christmas vacation. We’re going to Arizona for nearly two weeks and I won’t be taking my laptop. I don’t check email on my phone. I’ll have access to computers occasionally, but I don’t plan on using them more than two or three times . This is part of my plan to better compartmentalize: work, other work, and the rest of my life.

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  1. William H. Harle Jr. — December 04, 2006

    My obsession with life on the web has made it impossible for me to even consider two weeks without semi-regular internet usage of some kind. I just feel uneasy or out-of-touch if I go too long without it. I can understand not doing work for a fortnight, but I could not see choosing to leave my laptop behind for that long. You’re a stronger man than I, sir Grundy.