A Sports Fan's Manifesto

November 28, 2006

Posted in Personal.

I’m a Notre Dame fan. I’m a Cubs fan. I’m a Bears fan. I’m a Colts fan. I know the pain of loss and frustration of futility. This manifesto is based on Hugh’s manifesto guidelines.

  • Love sports for sports’ sake.
  • Recognize greatness in even sports you don’t like.
  • Recognize talent and dedication and skill and success for what it is—a positive thing.
  • Respect players for their abilities and success, even if they are the “enemy.”
  • It is wrong to hate a team or player for their success.
  • Don’t let your own fandom blind you to reality.
  • Failure helps you see where to improve.
  • Being a fan is a fickle, arbitrary experience. You cheer for a team because of location, because it’s your school, or because you were born into a fan’s family.
  • It’s OK to temporarily care about a game even when you don’t care about the teams, the game, or the outcome.
  • Sports are entertainment, but can be addicting. Don’t let sports ruin your relationships, your job, or your health.

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