Features vs. Quickies

November 02, 2006

Posted in Web Industry.

When you read blogs (including this one), do you prefer feature-length articles or short posts?

I tend to be verbose and long-winded. However, I also wish to address topics which require deeper consideration. For these extended articles, I spend a few hours doing research, writing and revising, etc. There’s definitely some investment. However, long articles mean I can’t post nearly as often as I’d like. Rather than post once or twice a week, I’d like to write something frequently enough to keep readers’ interest. I don’t need to spend hours each day – I’m not trying to be a professional blogger.

So back to the question: do you prefer the feature-length articles (such as those I’ve been writing) or the quickie posts?


  1. -oAk- — November 03, 2006

    my favorite blog is talkingpointsmemo.com which is a healthy mix of real quick punchy links, one to two paragraph quick hits and long in depth articles. I think a healthy mix of these makes for a good, easy to read, non intimidating blog.

  2. William H. Harle Jr. — November 04, 2006

    Yeah, agreed. You have to write to the subject matter as well as your audience. Occasionally, a multiple entries, multiple parts type article structure works well for breaking down long articles and keeping the reader interested, as long as part 1 is damn good. I like things to vary, but a longer post i tend to click on and leave in my browser to get to when i have time. So, to go back to your last post, a longer post might attract more site visits. Then again, I might be the only person in the world who works like that.