Grow a Beard and Get a Blog

October 11, 2006

Posted in Personal.

I have a blog.

I should have had one years ago, before it was popular. I was building them for clients. I temporarily had a blog before the term ‘blog’ was even conceived. I even built a site for other people to have blogs (along with other stuff) while they studied abroad. When the word became popular, I hated it. Blog. It sounds like something from a sewer. Blog blog blog blog blog.

I didn’t have a blog even after I decided I needed one. I’m just too busy. Plenty of work. I barely have any personal time, so how could I give up precious hours to blogging?

The other reason I didn’t have a blog is because I’m picky. I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to design. I’m not a designer, but I have high standards for design. So my own attempts fell short and I was unwilling to move forward.

But over the last few months I’ve been so determined to get a blog that I got a Backpack account simply to keep track of all my blog post ideas. I have things to say and I don’t have anywhere to say them. The need is so overwhelming that I am willing to launch the site without a real design until such time that I can have my designer help me.

I’ll also admit to a bit of peer pressure. Almost all of my close colleagues have their own blogs and I’m certainly the only developer without one. “Grow a beard and get a blog,” they’d say. Well I’ve tried the beard thing and am happy with the smooth look for now.

Hence, this blog.

Check out my About page for more on what I hope this blog will become.